I am a highly professional IT expert, with a "can do" attitude to my work, backed by over 10 years of in-depth, hands on, technical experience and a degree in Computer Science. I have a great deal of knowledge and experience in my specialised area of Unix based J2EE web hosting infrastructures. A very wide range of detailed experience with surrounding web technologies further supports this.

I have proven industry experience of building, supporting and migrating high profile e-commerce infrastructures in high-pressure environments. This is mostly in the finance sector including such projects as Internet banking and B2B finance sites.

I work effectively in a team and as an individual. I have a positive attitude to knowledge dissemination and am generally regarded as easy to work with by both team mates and members of other teams. I possess a high level of drive and have a proven ability to achieve results within tight deadlines. I believe that communication is a strength and this has help me build and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff across organisations.


Dates: June 2006 - Current
Employer: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Position: Contractor
Key Achievements:

Hosting provisioning for Online services including Online Gaming and Web sites such as Download store. Also maintenance of all other internal Unix systems such as payroll, corporate Veritas database clusters and NFS clusters.

Dates: Feb 2006 - May 2006
Employer: Guardian Unlimited
Position: Contractor
Key Achievements:

All aspects of server consolidation and migration for the New London Platform project from technical to operational and planning. This included migrating applications to both Sun and IBM blade centres, reconfiguring NetApp filers, Foundry networking and load balancing equipment and NetScreen firewalls.

Dates: Sep 2005 + Mar 2006
Employer: GE Consumer Finance Home Lending
Position: Consultant
Key Achievements:

Identification and resolution of problems with XML based e-commerce application. Fix of LDAPS configuration problems. Fix of corrupted Sun Solaris server. Basic staff training on how to achieve the aforementioned themselves in future.

Dates: March 2005 - early Sep 2005
Employer: None
Position: N/A
Key Acheivements:

Extended summer break in lieu of holidays during the previous few years. Also occasional consultancy to SOHO businesses on wireless networking, security systems and systems recovery.

Dates: Feb 2004 - Feb 2005
Employer: GE (both Retail Lending and Home Lending businesses)
Position: Web Centre of Excellence manager / team member
Key Achievements:

Manager of WebCoE Team for several months while a suitable permanent candidate was found. Technical project lead for E-Commerce component of server consolidation project. Technical lead for E-Commerce systems relocation project moving the whole environment from Harrow to Watford. Infrastructure technical specialist for migration of existing Oracle IAS application to BEA Weblogic. Design and rollout of new resilient, monitored and expandable proxy server infrastructure. Rollout of trial remote desktop solution for broadband equipped managers and technical staff. Technical lead for relocation of E-Commerce environments to new server room in alternative building. General technical assistant for a wide range of smaller IT projects or general queries. Complete upgrade of Veritas Cluster Server based resilient Oracle and MySQL database environment. Rollout of secure LDAP for administration of users on all Unix systems. Rollout of HIDS and NIDS systems along with other security tools to meet GE global security standards. Implementation of and consultation on future implementation of load balancing for various intranet and Internet systems. Implementation of clustered NetApp NAS environment.

Dates: 2003 - Feb 2004 NB: there was an agreed overlap period with the previous contract here
Employer: Abbey National
Position: Project Manager
Key Achievements:

Project manage the migration of Abbey's on-line Business and Professional Banking service from Harrow to Milton Keynes without interruption. Project manage migration of several smaller Internet facing applications from Harrow to Milton Keynes during periods of extreme change to these systems. Both of these tasks involved significantly more than lift and drop. Assist at a technical level with other migration and separation projects that were ongoing such as the network separation project. These tasks all arose as a result of the sale of First National to GE thus requiring complex transitional service level agreements and separation, migration and integration tasks to be occurring from both sides.

Dates: 2001 - April 2003
Employer: First National
Position: E-Commerce Systems Administrator
Key Achievements:

Infrastructure lead on the implementation of several Internet facing web applications including Abbey's Business and Professional Banking environment. Upgrade of Solaris Sunscreen firewalls to latest Solaris O/S and Sunscreen versions complete with implementation of resilience. Provide technical assistance to the network support team for them to fully take on support and upgrade of CheckPoint Firewalls and StoneGate firewalls. Implementation of resilient configuration for Foundry ServerIron Load Balancers. Installation and configuration of additional NetApp NAS storage. Specification, implementation and support of centralised system monitoring for all e-commerce equipment and services. General technical assistance to other departments due to my breadth of knowledge.

Dates: April 2000 - 2001
Employer: None
Position: Backpacking to the UK from Australia during this time.
Dates: March 1999 - April 2000
Employer: Hermes Precisa Australia and E-Bill (an HPA spin off company)
Position: Systems & network designer and administrator + security expert
Key Achievements:

Designing, building and installing the E-Bill infrastructure for web based on-line bill payment including Firewalls, Exchange, Oracle and web application servers. Successful client site troubleshooting assistance for high profile new extranet systems in a politically sensitive environment. Implementation, configuration and support of new HIDS/NIDS systems for improved security. Basic staff training on fundamentals all IT systems for both workers and management staff. Relocation of all IT systems to new office location with minimal service interruption. Fixing network ATM backbone problems in new offices.

Dates: October 1998 - March 2000
Employer: None
Position: Backpacking to Australia during this time.
Dates: July 1996 - October 1998
Employer: DERA Systems & Software Engineering Centre (
Position: Lead Systems & network administrator
Key Achievements:

Technical management of medium sized, multi-site heterogeneous IT environment and the 4 strong team responsible for it. Installation of high speed ATM backbone network. Installation of Digital NT based MS Exchange and MS SQL server including web components via IIS. Successfully liaising with various IT departments in the larger DERA environment to ensure seamless, controlled and mutually acceptable interfaces to the larger DERA environments. Utilisation of second site Server room for improved resilience and availability of systems. Security consultancy to government departments as part of their outsourcing of IT security and process auditing. Rapid roll out of integrated and independent infrastructures for specific projects including the SEC's Sun certified Java Centre and a small diskless client environment.

Dates: April 1995 - September 1995
Employer: DERA Systems & Software Engineering Centre (
Position: Systems & networks administrator (3rd University work placement)
Key Achievements:

Basic C++ coding and code evaluation for medium scale projects. Maintenance of expanding NIS+ Solaris client and server environment. Rapid learning of more advanced Solaris, Windows and Networking concepts and realities.

Dates: April 1994 - September 1994
Employer: DERA Systems & Software Engineering Centre (
Position: In house systems support and administration (2nd University work placement)
Key Achievements:

Physical network and desktop PC and Sun systems installation for new offices. Installation and configuration of several new Client/Server software packages for development teams.

Dates: April 1993 - September 1993
Employer: Countywide Computer
Position: PC systems engineer and customer support specialist (1st University work placement)
Key Achievements:

Construction and installation of many custom build PCs to SOHO businesses and individual customers. Basic customer training on various PC software packages and network usage.