Well, here I am on the world wide web. I hope you like my site but if not I welcome any constructive criticisms you may have to offer (just mail the user “website” at this domain).

On my site you will find information about me, my work, things that I find interesting and even a blog and my twitter musings. Hopefully the layout is clear enough that you can find what you are looking for. If not you can use my site search which is currently implemented by the omnipresent google search and it’s search engine.

For those interested in technical stuff, I use the following for my site hosting and domain functionality:

As my site is hosted on Amazon CloudFront, it has to consist entirely of static content. So in order to give the illusion of being an active content site I have implemented a couple of “aggregation” feature to pull in my twitter and blogger updates as well as display some news from a number of news sites I read regularly. These are done using the below set of tools / utilities.

So I guess I should say a big thanks to Google and Amazon. I hope they keep up their technical innovation, openness and ethical business practices.