My leisure activities boil down to reading, a little gentle exercise, listening to music and watching television.

On the reading front, I tend to go for a mix of science fiction, fantasy and some science fact. A small subset of the authors I would recommend include the below:

On the music front the range and variety of music I listen too is far too wide to list. My criteria revolves more around what is good and likely to be something I will listen to in a given mood than what genre something is in. My bigest problem is finding music that fits these criteria. It has been suggested I should try something like spotify but I haven't got round to that yet. Instead I tend to occasionally (usually around Christmas or birthday time) ask my friend for their top 10 favorite albums and go from there.

Much of my television watching tends to revolve around DVDs, particularly box sets, hence my DVD collection page created by HTML export from a Mac package by the name of DVDPedia.